Settling In, Tips & Tricks To Living With Roommate’s

The parents have left their freshmen behind, the halls are beginning to fill with card board boxes. Despite the designated area where everyone is supposed to discard of their moving boxes, they will always end up in the hall. It is time to set up your room, all I have to say is command strips, command strips, command strips….. you will thank me eight months from now when it’s time for you to move out. These are the most useful little guys to hang up decoration, hang towels, or whatever it might be that needs to be hung up.

You will typically have one roommate or two, depending on the size of your dorm. Some dorm rooms have their own bathrooms, you will find out when you select your dorm. Having your own bathroom has its perks, but like anything it has its downfall. On one side, you won’t need a shower caddie or the need to wear flip flops in the shower, it is also really nice when you get home from a long night of binge drinking (yes you will binge drink a lot your freshmen year). However, having communal bathrooms eliminates the hassle of cleaning your own bathroom. If your roommate’s were anything like mine, you will be cleaning up after them for eight months. Okay, that’s my rant for choosing a room with a bathroom or not, let’s get back on topic to settling in.



You’ve met your roommate or roommate’s and it’s time to settle in, draw up a contract immediately. It is better to put in writing how you would like your roommate’s to respect your space and any pet peeves form the get go. They are more likely to accommodate your needs if you let them know from the start.  However, part of living in the dorms is to learn to live with people and not sweat the small stuff. Trust me when you move out of the dorms, you will be living with even more roommate’s. One big NO NO, don’t ever use your roommates stuff, or eat their food without asking. This will cause drama, fighting and make your life a living hell.

Be organized, a great way to keep your room nice a tidy is by using bins, and plastic under bed containers, make your bed every day, and create a cleaning schedule. This is a great way to make your room feel presentable, which you will want when inviting your new peers over. While we are talking about being clean, dorm rooms are tight quarters and typically will start to smell. When in doubt, spray or plug it in. Air fresheners are your friend, just don’t over use them so your whole hall gets a headache. Another trick to keep your room smelling good is strategically place your trashcans and change them daily. Nobody I repeat nobody will want to be in your room if it smells. Basic hygiene is a very important trait when living in the dorms. Be clean people it’s not rocket science. Mainly have fun and enjoy your dorm days, they will go by fast.

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