Food In The Dorms

One of the hardest thing to transition between going off to college vs living at home is eating. You will no longer have your mother cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner…. you are on your own. However, you will have a cafeteria that you purchase a meal plan for. They have designated times for each one of your meals. Most of the time the food is terrible, make sure you have extra soft toilet paper because it is a rough first couple weeks. The trick here is to know what to eat from the dorm cafeteria, not all of its bad.

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Photo Credit: Caroline Kee

The salad bar is your friends, making a salad was a go to for me. It is hard to make a salad gross. But, you need protein, so go for a plane grilled chicken breast. I would always wash it down with a chocolate or vanilla ice cream cone. Yup that its, you are looking at what my diet looked like my freshmen year of college. Plus a lot of snacks, I did try to cook in my dorm room which was against the rules. I had a George Forman grill that I attempted to cook a nice steak on. The steak came out fine, but my room and hallway stank like cat food. Don’t attempt to cook in your dorm.

This day in age, you guys are lucky for one reason, Uber eats. Now you have the convenience of order yummy take out right to your dorm room. Most people don’t bring cars their freshmen year, so this is a huge step. They say be careful you’ll gain the freshmen 15 pounds, but from my experience you will lose 15 pounds if you have a crappy dorm cafeteria. One item to highly consider when choosing what dorm you will live in is the food.

A great website I found for eating healthy in the dorms: By Sarah Kesseli

Go do your research, you’ll thank me later.

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