Understanding the Material

College is vastly different from high school in a multitude of ways. It’s a time in your life of many changes and new beginnings. What you learned in high school will minimally carry over into your college classes. High school, unless you are in advance placement classes will not be interchangeable. For example, the ways you study are completely different. You are not taught in high school how to actually study, you are only taught to remember.

One technique that is critical in college is finding a study group or peers in your class you can study with or simply ask questions. In college you are almost a team, it is you and your peers against the professor. Studies have actually shown that if you study with other people you will score higher on your exams.

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Utilize your professor’s office hours, this is one of the biggest ways of showing your professors that you care. It will make or break your grade, if you are not understanding any material, do not hesitate to go ask for help. Trust me it will make the difference. A common thing in college is boarder line grades, I have received a B that was an 89.95%, and having a good relationship with your professor will help you get that rounded to an A.

DON’T PULL ALL NIGHTERS…… contrary from what you hear, pulling an all-nighter does more harm than good. Your brain will retain minimal information and not have the capacity to perform during your exam. Be organized and manage your time effectively. This way you can start study 4 or 5 days in smaller increments before your exam. That’s what I have found that works best for myself and fellow peers. College is all about time management, and the better you get at it, the better your grades will be.

I found this to be a very helpful Blog, check it out: http://mostlymorgan.com/college-study/

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