Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is one of the most effective ways to save money and keep yourself happy. If you really think about it, spending $10-$15 on a meal 3 times per day, 21 times a week really starts to add up. Most of this food is cooked in heavy oils typically fried and all the nutrients are cooked out of it. One way to solve this issue is by making your own meals. Meal prepping is critical because it allows you to grab and go with your busy school schedule.


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Breakfast is an important meal of the day that get you going, it is also an easy meal to prep for. My suggestions are boiled eggs for protein and oatmeal for your grains. Both these options will allow you to be out the door in less than 5 min with breakfast in hand. Another option to try once those get old is making egg. What are eggs muffins. Well you cut up vegetables of your choice, beat eggs, mix in muffin pan, and bake. Boom there you go, scrambled eggs on the fly. I also like to cut fruit up and put in in containers, usually with about a cup of fruit.


I like to change lunch up at least every other week. The easiest way to meal prep for lunches is simply eating left overs. Cook a little extra dinner the night before and simply put it in a container to take on the fly. If that isn’t something that interest you, try cooking rice, vegies, and a protein. I usually choose between steak, chicken, or fish. Some other options are tuna salad, egg salad, anything that stays well over night.


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You can really get creative with dinner, there are a ton of options and routes that you can take to get the job done. A very easy way to meal prep for dinner is by using a crockpot, you can literally make anything first thing in the morning and leave it all day. When you get home from work or school you will have a yummy warm meal waiting for you, not to mention making your house smell amazing. Here is one of my favorite crock pot meals:

It is time to make a change and eat healthy, no better time to start than now. Go to the store tonight and get your meal prep on.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Summer

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Your first summer of college will be your best one yet…. So cherish everyday of it. At this point in your college career you have just finished your freshmen year and your responsibilities are minimal. Throughout the last two semesters you survived brutal classes, while adapting to the college scene. You’ve developed friendships that will last a lifetime, these will have a huge effect on your summer. Some people decide to go back home, but for the brave they stay.


Find a house with some peers that you know you can live with and enjoy spending time with. This is going to set a foundation for the next four or five years of your life. There is not a better time to move into a new house than in the summer. It allows you to cut loose and have a ton of fun.


Lock down an internship or a job (if you can afford to) this is the summer where you have as much fun as possible. You will have the rest of your life to work, why not take one summer off and get drunk with your friends everyday? I also advice you not to take any summer classes, like I said use this summer for you and you only.


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Plan a fun road trip with some of your friends, or travel outside of the country. Traveling take time so you might as well travel why you have the time. Go camping for a few days and spend your time getting drunk in the woods. Work on your tan, hit the beach or the lake as much as you possibly can. I will keep reiterating this, but this will probably be the last time you have no responsibilities for summer, college will change that quickly.

After your freshmen year summer the rest of your summers will be completely consumed whether you like it or not. Jobs to support yourself start to come into play because your parents are spending a lot of money on tuition and books. You want to start looking at your future so you pick up an internship. Some people like to take less of a load during the semester so they take summer classes to make up for it, or you did bad in a class and you need to retake it. Regardless of what it is, you wont be as free as the summer after freshmen year, enjoy yourself and your new friends… go have fun!!

If you are having trouble of thinking of things to do, check out this link:

Staying In Contact With High School Friends

When going off to college, you will leave some of your best friends behind. Some friends will go off to other places as well and you part your own separate ways. It is important to stay in contact with them. Growing up, these were the people by your side. So many memories were made with these individuals, but it is a part of growing up and making new friends.

Just because you have new friends and distance is in your way mean you have to lose all contact. It is not easy staying in contact with your friends with your busy schedule. Before you know it you haven’t talked to them in 3 months or they are upset with you for not answering their phone calls. You don’t have to stay in contact with everyone that you have every met, but it is important to stay in contact with close friends and family.

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Set up times at least once a week where both of your schedules are free and you have time to catch up. If you do not set up times, youwill be playing phone tags with your friends and time will ruin your friendship. It can be walking home from class, after you get out of the shower, or on your way home from work. Just little time slots that you have free will work perfectly.

Introduce them to your new friends, jealousy is a huge friendship killer. You have started this new life and are spending time with new people, your old friends might feel like they are being left behind. A good way to eliminate this is to invite your friends to visit and hangout with your old and new friends together.BFF1 you never know; they could become really good friends as well. It can also be flip flopped, maybe you are the friend that feels left behind. It is a good idea to be able to see both sides, good friendships are rare so don’t neglect the ones who have been with you through the thick and thin.

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Going Home For The Holidays

Going home for the holidays can be very interesting after being away at college for some time. Thanksgiving is typically the first holiday a freshman will experience going home. Excitement is in the air, you are excited to see your family and all your friends form home. Also a lot of your friends that went off to different colleges will be coming home as well. You cannot wait to see everyone and usually it is like a high school reunion.

Time Management:

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One of the most important things you can do when going home for the first time is balance your time. It is really easy to get home from a long flight or drive and immediately want to go meet up with your friends. You haven’t seen them in a long all you can think about is sharing your new life with them. This usually is along the side of a bunch of alcoholic beverages and one thing turns into another. Before you know it all you and all your friends are wasted having a great time, reflecting on your child hood. You spend the next day hung-over and before you know it another friend calls you up and wants to go out. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, you have completely push aside your family. They want to see you and spend time catching up, so don’t blow them off for your friends. Balance out the time spent with your friends and family, trust me it will save you a headache in the long run.

Don’t try and show off:

Yes, we get it, you are back from college and know everything. You have had 3 months of drinking heavily and want to show off…. Don’t be that guy. Everyone knows that one person who is wasted at a family dinner trying to show off what you “actually learned” in college so far. This will upset your mother and you will start to get alcoholism emails when you go back to college.


You have been in college for a few months now and realize how demanding/tiring college actually is. Between trying to visit with your friends, and spending time with your family, make sure you take some time to rest. Sleep until noon one day or go to sleep at 8 pm, this is the time to catch up on the sleep you have been sacrifices. Also take the full advantage of your mothers cooking, eat eat eat.

Check this website out

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Partying Guidlines

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College has a huge stigma about it, partying and binge drinking. Although those do happen at every university and you will probably partake there are some guidelines. It is important to realize how binge drinking can effect your college career… not just a gnarly hangover the next day.

  1. Your health: binge drinking is hard on your body, especially your liver. Most individuals who drink have one or two maybe even three cocktails per day or on a night out drinking. However, college students in their late teens to early twenties have a different mentality. From my experience, a night drinking at a house party or at the bars can yield upwards to one individual consuming 30 drinks…. You think I am kidding, but I am not. It is actually scary the thought of one person consuming that much alcohol, but it’s a fact. In most circumstances the night ends with you puking your brains out while your very drunk friend tries to put bread and water down your throat. FYI (non of that, time is the only healer so don’t attempt it, that can actually do more harm than good). All those drinks must pass through your liver, which in return actually will cause scaring if you binge drink enough.
  2. It is dangerous for your safety: When you reach 30 drinks, you literally do not give a flying shit about what you are doing.
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    decision making process is completely deteriorated and you will make decisions you would have never made while sober. There is the potential risk of killing your self or harming other individuals around you. For women especially it is dangerous! Rape is a huge thing that unfortunately still exist, but getting blacked out increases your chance of being rapped 100%.

How can you still have fun and not black out or drink 30 drinks? It is simple, don’t pass your limit. Look it is going to happen, you are going to drink to much and get sick, not know what happened, and do some stupid shit. That’s okay, but learn how to drink without getting to that level. Everything in moderation is a secret key in life…. Apply it.

Talk with your friends, it could save their life.

Here are some helpful links:



Mental Health

When you’re in college you will have a lot on your plate. Between tests, assignments, social life, and holding down a job, it is important to make time for your self and mental health. This is one of the most important things I will discuss in my blogging. If your mental health is not in check, nothing else will matter. Seriously, you will not have the mental or emotional capacity to perform. Here are some tips I have come up with to keep me mentally healthy.

  1. Sundays are for relaxing and reflecting. Take one day out of the week to simply relax, especially in a go go go environment you will need to let your brain unwind. Go on a hike, watch some Sunday football, do something
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    you enjoy what ever that might be. Reflect on what went well in the past week and what didn’t go so well. This is the time to come up with solutions for your upcoming week.

  2. Eliminate stress as much as you can, this will make a huge impact on you. Create a routine, get yourself in the habit of eating, studying, working out, and sleeping at the same time. Human nature is to be habitual, creating routine will help you feel grounded and allow you to get the essential basics done everyday.
  3. Giving yourself plenty of time is key to help with stress. Giving yourself the ample amount of time to study for an exam will help your stress level, not to mention help you do better on the exam. Studies have shown that students who don’t cram studying to better on exams
  4. Do not let yourself get run down, believe me it is easier than you think. Spreading yourself to thin is a main culprit of this, make a priority list and give more energy and time to the ones at the top. Get at least 7 hours of sleep if anything, the quickest way to getting run down is not sleeping. If you get run down, this will lead to your immune system weakening. In return, you will most likely get sick and not be able to performing anything.

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All in all, it is very important to take care of yourself! If you are not mentally and physically healthy you will fail in college. You will have a lot on your plate, but planning accordingly and by managing your time you will be successful.

Go Read these tips, practice healthy in college!!

Play Hard Work Hard

Although college is a serious part of your future, it is also a time in your life where you need to have fun and grow into who you are. To successfully get the most out of your four or five years at the university of your choice, you need work life balance. Yes, it is critically important to get your studies done and when it is time to buckle down you do; however, having fun is critical. Everyone needs to go through their crazy party days to get it out of their system. This is a time in your life where you have minimal responsibilities.

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Friends, you will gain your best friends for the rest of your life. After high school, you will maybe keep in touch with a handful of your friends. You need to go out, stay up to late, and do stupid things with your college friends. Ask any graduate, this is going to be some of the best times of your life. The memories that you will make are going to carry with you for the rest of your life.

When coming into college, you think four years sounds like a long time. Like Kenny Chesney says, “don’t blink” seriously though. Your college career goes by soooooo fast, you are so consumed in your school, work, and social life that time flies. Sometimes you need to step back for a minute and live in the moment. A lot of the time I found myself so worried and focused on what is next. Stay in the present to enjoy your once in a life time opportunity. Trust me once life hits, you wont have time to stay out until 3am drinking with your buddies on a Tuesday. The memories you make will carry with you for the rest of your life, so enjoy yourself, have fun, and study hard.

Do your future self a solid, work hard & play hard. Here is a link to check out

Time Management

As you start to immerse into the depths of the college madness your schedule is going to be swamped. Trying to balance a social life, school work, and a job is not an easy task. This is where time management come into play. One of the most important skills that you can develop for being successful is time management. Think about it…. You have 5-8 assignments to do at the beginning of the week and an exam at the end. In between you are working a couple days, while at the same time it is rush week. It is not difficult to develop your time management skills as long as you follow some of these steps.

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Firstly, get a calendar and write down all your important dates: exams, assignment due dates, events, ex. This will help you not miss anything that is important. Being organized simply makes your life easier, allowing youto plan in advance for certain items coming up in the following week. I would sit down every Sunday night and look through my week planning in advance how I was going to allocate my time.

Secondly, take care of yourself, I cannot stress this enough. You are the biggest investment to allocate time into. If you do not take care of yourself nothing will be possible. Set time for yourself such as down time, gym, sleep, and eating. It is critically to keep yourself healthy to not get sick. Imagine getting really sick before a final… it is absolutely miserable; trust me I am relaying this knowledge from past experience.

Don’t put do to items off until you feel like it later, this does not work. Most of the time that assignment that isn’t due until Thursday, but you push it off to go drinking with your friends it will not get accomplished. Make a daily to do list and prioritize the items. One thing that I found is the earlier you get a task done, the more free time you open up to do things you really want to do.

All in all, stress stress stress time management it will make your life a lot easier. Taking the time once a month and twice a week to plan is a great starting point. In college I was a full time student working two jobs while being an active member of a fraternity. If I did not practice my time management skills, I would have never succeeded.


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