Time Management

As you start to immerse into the depths of the college madness your schedule is going to be swamped. Trying to balance a social life, school work, and a job is not an easy task. This is where time management come into play. One of the most important skills that you can develop for being successful is time management. Think about it…. You have 5-8 assignments to do at the beginning of the week and an exam at the end. In between you are working a couple days, while at the same time it is rush week. It is not difficult to develop your time management skills as long as you follow some of these steps.

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Firstly, get a calendar and write down all your important dates: exams, assignment due dates, events, ex. This will help you not miss anything that is important. Being organized simply makes your life easier, allowing youto plan in advance for certain items coming up in the following week. I would sit down every Sunday night and look through my week planning in advance how I was going to allocate my time.

Secondly, take care of yourself, I cannot stress this enough. You are the biggest investment to allocate time into. If you do not take care of yourself nothing will be possible. Set time for yourself such as down time, gym, sleep, and eating. It is critically to keep yourself healthy to not get sick. Imagine getting really sick before a final… it is absolutely miserable; trust me I am relaying this knowledge from past experience.

Don’t put do to items off until you feel like it later, this does not work. Most of the time that assignment that isn’t due until Thursday, but you push it off to go drinking with your friends it will not get accomplished. Make a daily to do list and prioritize the items. One thing that I found is the earlier you get a task done, the more free time you open up to do things you really want to do.

All in all, stress stress stress time management it will make your life a lot easier. Taking the time once a month and twice a week to plan is a great starting point. In college I was a full time student working two jobs while being an active member of a fraternity. If I did not practice my time management skills, I would have never succeeded.


Here is a great link, go check It out: https://toggl.com/time-management-tips/

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