Partying Guidlines

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College has a huge stigma about it, partying and binge drinking. Although those do happen at every university and you will probably partake there are some guidelines. It is important to realize how binge drinking can effect your college career… not just a gnarly hangover the next day.

  1. Your health: binge drinking is hard on your body, especially your liver. Most individuals who drink have one or two maybe even three cocktails per day or on a night out drinking. However, college students in their late teens to early twenties have a different mentality. From my experience, a night drinking at a house party or at the bars can yield upwards to one individual consuming 30 drinks…. You think I am kidding, but I am not. It is actually scary the thought of one person consuming that much alcohol, but it’s a fact. In most circumstances the night ends with you puking your brains out while your very drunk friend tries to put bread and water down your throat. FYI (non of that, time is the only healer so don’t attempt it, that can actually do more harm than good). All those drinks must pass through your liver, which in return actually will cause scaring if you binge drink enough.
  2. It is dangerous for your safety: When you reach 30 drinks, you literally do not give a flying shit about what you are doing.
    Image result for college partying

    Photo Credit: Gustavo Cassilas

    decision making process is completely deteriorated and you will make decisions you would have never made while sober. There is the potential risk of killing your self or harming other individuals around you. For women especially it is dangerous! Rape is a huge thing that unfortunately still exist, but getting blacked out increases your chance of being rapped 100%.

How can you still have fun and not black out or drink 30 drinks? It is simple, don’t pass your limit. Look it is going to happen, you are going to drink to much and get sick, not know what happened, and do some stupid shit. That’s okay, but learn how to drink without getting to that level. Everything in moderation is a secret key in life…. Apply it.

Talk with your friends, it could save their life.

Here are some helpful links:



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