Staying In Contact With High School Friends

When going off to college, you will leave some of your best friends behind. Some friends will go off to other places as well and you part your own separate ways. It is important to stay in contact with them. Growing up, these were the people by your side. So many memories were made with these individuals, but it is a part of growing up and making new friends.

Just because you have new friends and distance is in your way mean you have to lose all contact. It is not easy staying in contact with your friends with your busy schedule. Before you know it you haven’t talked to them in 3 months or they are upset with you for not answering their phone calls. You don’t have to stay in contact with everyone that you have every met, but it is important to stay in contact with close friends and family.

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Photo Credit: Rashmi Mishra

Set up times at least once a week where both of your schedules are free and you have time to catch up. If you do not set up times, youwill be playing phone tags with your friends and time will ruin your friendship. It can be walking home from class, after you get out of the shower, or on your way home from work. Just little time slots that you have free will work perfectly.

Introduce them to your new friends, jealousy is a huge friendship killer. You have started this new life and are spending time with new people, your old friends might feel like they are being left behind. A good way to eliminate this is to invite your friends to visit and hangout with your old and new friends together.BFF1 you never know; they could become really good friends as well. It can also be flip flopped, maybe you are the friend that feels left behind. It is a good idea to be able to see both sides, good friendships are rare so don’t neglect the ones who have been with you through the thick and thin.

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