Do’s & Don’ts Of Summer

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Your first summer of college will be your best one yet…. So cherish everyday of it. At this point in your college career you have just finished your freshmen year and your responsibilities are minimal. Throughout the last two semesters you survived brutal classes, while adapting to the college scene. You’ve developed friendships that will last a lifetime, these will have a huge effect on your summer. Some people decide to go back home, but for the brave they stay.


Find a house with some peers that you know you can live with and enjoy spending time with. This is going to set a foundation for the next four or five years of your life. There is not a better time to move into a new house than in the summer. It allows you to cut loose and have a ton of fun.


Lock down an internship or a job (if you can afford to) this is the summer where you have as much fun as possible. You will have the rest of your life to work, why not take one summer off and get drunk with your friends everyday? I also advice you not to take any summer classes, like I said use this summer for you and you only.


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Plan a fun road trip with some of your friends, or travel outside of the country. Traveling take time so you might as well travel why you have the time. Go camping for a few days and spend your time getting drunk in the woods. Work on your tan, hit the beach or the lake as much as you possibly can. I will keep reiterating this, but this will probably be the last time you have no responsibilities for summer, college will change that quickly.

After your freshmen year summer the rest of your summers will be completely consumed whether you like it or not. Jobs to support yourself start to come into play because your parents are spending a lot of money on tuition and books. You want to start looking at your future so you pick up an internship. Some people like to take less of a load during the semester so they take summer classes to make up for it, or you did bad in a class and you need to retake it. Regardless of what it is, you wont be as free as the summer after freshmen year, enjoy yourself and your new friends… go have fun!!

If you are having trouble of thinking of things to do, check out this link:

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